Covid-19 Update

As a result of the current situation during the coronavirus pandemic, we are changing our working practice to offer:

Face to face treatment sessions at £50

Video consultations at £40

Please continue to support us as a small business over the coming weeks as we try to maintain a service to all our clients.

Stay safe & healthy.

Marie & Bernadette



We have been established since 1985, treating the general public as well as professional sportsmen & women for pain, arthritis, muscle injuries, neck pain, low back pain with sciatica and personal injury after whiplash.

  • PAIN can be treated through hands on techniques, exercise & preventative means e.g.: Pilates or yoga
  • PAIN from muscle injuries are very common in sports people and are often not treated quickly enough. This often leads to further pain and injury.
  • PAIN from arthritis can be very effectively treated at all stages of the disease, though �the earlier the better� to reduce pain and muscle weakness.
  • PAIN from neck, low back pain and sciatica needs to be treated early to relieve symptoms and prevent associated muscle problems.
  • PAIN from personal injury after whiplash or accidents at work can be treated very Effectively especially when referred swiftly from relevant agencies.

Who We Are

The Leeds Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic, trading as The Treadmill is a well established, successful Private Physiotherapy Clinic offering treatment at 2 sites in Leeds, at Headingley & Drighlington.
We have well established links with Orthopaedic Surgeons, Chartered podiatrists, personal fitness trainers, Pilates & Yoga practitioners.

The Tredmill The Tredmill