Covid-19 Update

As a result of the current situation during the coronavirus pandemic, we are changing our working practice to offer:

Video consultations at £30

Telephone consultations at £20

Please continue to support us as a small business over the coming weeks as we try to maintain a service to all our clients.

Stay safe & healthy.

Marie & Bernadette


Sprains & Strains

Many “sports Injuries “are Soft Tissue Injuries
Sprain = Injury to a Ligament
Strained = Injury to a Muscle
Injuries can be acute or chronic:
ACUTE - Usually follows trauma/accident
e.g.: a fall, twist, kick in a game of Football
Suddenly painful and may be associated with swelling and bruising

CHRONIC – Usually “overuse” injuries
e.g.: “runner’s knee”, “tennis elbow”, Achilles tendon problems

Some problems can be Acute or Chronic e.g.: calf strain, hamstring strain

We can help in all cases, and especially in stopping acute problems becoming chronic


If you experience:
  • Immediate swelling & unable to take weight
    Go to nearest Accident & Emergency Department
  • Moderate painful swelling after a few hours
    Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

Seek professional advice from your GP or PHYSIOTHERAPIST