Covid-19 Update

As a result of the current situation during the coronavirus pandemic, we are changing our working practice to offer:

Video consultations at £30

Telephone consultations at £20

Please continue to support us as a small business over the coming weeks as we try to maintain a service to all our clients.

Stay safe & healthy.

Marie & Bernadette


Let's get cycling!

Have you been inspired???

GREAT!!! but TAKE CARE - Lets aviod injuries before we start....How?

  • Be REALISTIC on mileage targets - despite "20 years ago I used to..."!
    • It has been in the garage untouched for how long?
    • Those shorts used to fit me...
    • I have only crashed wearing that helmet once..
    • I can always borrow a helmet..
    • I think the saddle is the right height, I shall find out after a few miles..
  • TAKEenough fluids, no "but we call in at the pub"
  • GET ADVICE if you have an old injury - "but that happened years ago, it'll be fine now.."
    • If in doubt about anything above then seek advice, be it a bike shop for a service / re-fit / new clothing.
    • If it is an injury query the get in touch with a sports physio - give us a ring.
    • We all want to enjoy the fantastic experience so don't be disappointed.