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As a result of the current situation during the coronavirus pandemic, we are changing our working practice to offer:

Video consultations at £30

Telephone consultations at £20

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Back Pain

Many people suffer from back pain, either “niggly” pain that just won’t go away,
or sudden onset of severe pain in the back and sometimes the leg.

Which one are you?

  • Approximately 4 out of 5 adults will experience back pain in their Lifetime
  • Incidence of back pain peaks between 35 and 55 years of age
  • Back pain is just as common in adolescents as in adults
  • Usually there is no single cause of back pain but the following factors may well contribute:
    • Previous history of back pain
    • Static posture eg: sitting at the computer or driving
    • Obesity
    • Poor lifting including frequent bending & twisting
    • Low levels of general activity
    • Psychological factors eg: stress
    • Smoking
What do you do?



Your GP will be able to advise or prescribe appropriate pain relief.
They will be able to refer for scans or x-rays if necessary

In most cases 90% of people with acute back pain will recover in 6 weeks,
but with early physiotherapy this can be improved.


We use:
  • “Hands on” treatments to reduce pain & increase movement
  • Exercises to get you moving, control movement and increase flexibility
  • Postural re-training and advice to prevent recurrence of problems in the future.

Come along to one of our free sessions.

Call 0113 275 4848 to book a session or email  We are situated on the third floor of the Headingley Medical Centre.  LS62AF

1st Wednesday of every month at 1pm.

We will teach you:

  • About the causes of back pain.
  • How to effectively manage your own problem.
  • Correct lifting techniques and good back care practices.
  • Simple home exercises. 
Wear loose fitting clothing or gym gear.

A few more Back Facts
  • 7% of people with acute (immediate) back pain will develop chronic (long term) back pain
  • Chronic Back Pain accounts for about 80% of health care costs
  • NHS spends more than £1billion on back pain
  • Back Pain is the 2nd reason for long-term sickness in the UK